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Emergency Dentist Arlington

If you are here because you are trying to track down an emergency dentist in Arlington to help you get immediate relief from a painful dental emergency, then we like you to know that you are in the right place.   We have been where you are right now, and we know just how frustrating it can be having to wait for a regular dental appointment that could take weeks when your tooth or mouth pain is severe. Our 24-hour Arlington emergency dentist referral network allows us to book an urgent dental appointment in as little as 24 hours.  In some cases, you may not even be required to book an appointment and can simply find a walk-in dental provider.  We strongly encourage you not to continue walking around with dental pain.  Call our team of dental clinics in Arlington, VA that are ready alleviate your mouth pain.

Certified and Highly Experienced Dentists

Our Arlington emergency dentists have all the necessary board qualifications and experience to provide patients with the most reliable oral healthcare solutions. With our expertise and wealth of experience, you can rest assured knowing that we can quickly identify and treat nearly any emergency dental problem, including:

  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Abscess
  • Swollen gums
  • Broken dentures
  • Painful Toothache
  • Lost fillings and crowns
  • Infected cuts and wounds inside the mouth
  • Foreign objects stuck between teeth

If your tooth has been severely damaged or infected, you will need an emergency tooth extraction in Arlington, Virginia.  We will thoroughly examine and evaluate your dental health to help you make an informed decision.  With us, you will not undergo dental procedures you don’t necessarily need.  Our friendly emergency dental care specialists understand that many patients feel anxious when they are in our offices.  As a caring patient-centered organization, we strive to make your experience positive. We will let you know what to expect during your treatment and ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable as much as possible.

24-Hour Dentists Waiting for You

Our emergency dentists in Arlington can offer same day appointments and are able to provide top of the range professional dental care.  Most of our partners are open to handle any emergency dental care situation and our expertise has made us a renowned name in Arlington.  It can be devastating to have a situation that requires urgent dental care without any emergency dentist on the scene. Our emergency dentists would work with you to soothe the pain and give you the best treatment that would set you in the path of recovery. It is practical to state that a 24-hour dentist service has become our norm because we genuinely care for you.

Finding a Urgent Care Dentist in Arlington

You don’t have the time or the desire to call every dentist in Arlington and hope that they can squeeze you in sometime within the next couple of weeks.  When you break a tooth or lose a filling or need dental implants, you need relief NOW, not a week from Tuesday. Finding a dental clinic that is open around your schedule, able to see you on an emergency basis, and capable of actually performing virtually any dental procedure that you might need can create quite a challenge.  Time is of the essence, and not only because you are in pain. Many dental emergencies can rapidly worsen into a more serious condition over a relatively short period of time if not promptly treated.  Therefore, it is especially important to call for urgent dental care services.

Emergency Dentist Arlington
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More Than Just Emergency Care 

With many years experience and expertise, our dental providers can quickly identify problems and provide treatment for nearly any dental emergency you might have. They can provide you with both, complete dental treatment, or simply take care of your most urgent and pressing needs as a stopgap until you can be seen by your regular dentist. Unlike other Arlington urgent care dentists, we also provide all of the comprehensive services that you will typically find in a clinic offering family dentistry. In addition to the emergency services, we can offer cleanings, checkups, crowns, and other routine procedures – all at a time that fits your schedule.  Every dentist partnered with is thoroughly trained for any immediate need you be experiencing.

Broken Tooth or Cracked Dental Implants?

Dental Implants, Gum disease treatment and Mouth guards; are some of the things that can be handled by our 24-hour dentist. We ensure that you do not need to go through the rigours of booking an appointment before we serve you. Our hallmark for excellence has made us get many notable mentions from many professional bodies. We believe that we are the leading name that is effectively revolutionizing the way emergency dental care is done. To keep to the ideals of our practice, we have many experts on our team that keep delivering holistic dental solutions. Most Arlington emergency dentists have attested to the fact that our brand serves as a model for them.

What Should You Do if The Inside of your Mouth is Injured?

Injuries inside the mouth include tears or cuts, puncture wounds, and lacerations to the cheek, lips, or tongue. The wound should be cleaned immediately with warm water, and the injured person should be taken directly to an Arlington dentist for emergency care. If you cannot get to an oral surgeon, the patient should be taken to the hospital. Bleeding from a tongue laceration can be reduced by pulling the tongue forward and using gauze to place pressure on the wound.

About Arlington, VA

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Arlington County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, often referred to simply as Arlington or Arlington, Virginia. The county is situated in Northern Virginia on the southwestern bank of the Potomac River directly across from the District of Columbia, of which it was once a part, under the name Alexandria County. The county is coterminous with the U.S. Census Bureau's census-designated place of Arlington. Arlington is considered to be the second largest "principal city" of the Washington metropolitan area.

Good Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Dentist

Oral hygiene is important to overall good health. Stay well and share a smile with someone each day. We look forward to caring for you in person soon. Here are 3 tips for good oral health:
1. Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. With one out of every two adults having some form of gum disease, it is important to see your dentist and dental hygienist for upcoming appointments when we return to full operations.
2. Clean between your teeth daily. Flossing or use of a small brush designed to clean between your teeth is the best way to remove plaque where your toothbrush just can’t reach.
3. Eat a healthy diet and exercise. There are many things that can affect your risk for gum disease including age, genetics, poor nutrition, and stress. Taking time for meal planning, limiting sugary beverages and snacks, and setting aside time for health and wellness is extremely important.

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