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Great Service

"I was able to locate a walk in dentist without booking an appointment.  They were able to fix my cracked crown and relieved my tooth pain."

-  Cathy 


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"I was suffering from a mouth infection and it turned out to be an abscess.  I'm glad I was able to see a dentist who helped treat my infection."

- Robert


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"I was looking for a dentist after I chipped my tooth and searched for emergency dentist in my city and this directory put me in contact with a great dental clinic.

- Trevor


Your Trusted Place to Find 24 Hour Emergency Dentists is the best place to locate an urgent care dental professional at an affordable price. Whether you need a dentist for a cracked denture, a chipped tooth, or maybe for bleeding gums , we have done the research for dental offices that are in your local neighbourhood.  We work with quality dental practices that can assist you quickly for your dental emergency.  Many of these practices can accommodate your urgent care needs by staying open 24 hours or allow you to walk-in without an appointment.   Many of them also accept third-party insurance coverage for your dental problem. 


Common Urgent Dental Emergencies

If you are looking for an off-hours dentist or you are experiencing pain, or swelling in your mouth, then you have found the right place to get some help.  We have a dentist waiting to see you.  Here are some common dental emergencies that typically requires the attention of a dental professional:

- Cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth

- Knocked out or loose tooth

- Painful wisdom tooth

- Broken or cracked denture

- Bleeding or swollen gums

- Swollen mouth pain

- Broken jaw

- Broken braces or wire

Any many other oral problems which may result in mouth pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation or condition that is causing you pain or preventing you from going about your normal, everyday activities.  For example, if you have a severe toothache or a chipped front tooth, you likely need to see an emergency dentist right away.  Numerous dental emergencies need to be treated within the first few hours, but some can be eased with medication and treated at your earliest convenience.  If you’re not sure what to do, then we strongly suggest that you contact a dental clinic that can discuss your situation with you personally. 

Why is it important to see a dentist immediately?

If you are experiencing an intense level of discomfort in your mouth, it is telling you that there is something wrong and that it requires attention.  Furthermore, any serious event to your teeth may need to be fixed and/or it can develop into an oral infection.  At, we have dental offices that can treat your dental emergency quickly, putting your problem at ease.  Your dentist will work efficiently and professionally to repair your tooth or get rid of mouth pain. 

What do I do for a dislodged tooth?

If you are suffering from a dislodged or knocked out tooth, you want to locate the tooth an ensure that you keep it in a safe location.  If your mouth is bleeding, moisten some gauge and gently bite down to put pressure on the bloody gum(s).  Also make sure to contact a dental professional who can advise you on next steps on getting the tooth repaired as quickly as possible. 

Should I go to a hospital Emergency Room or visit a dentist for  a dental emergency?

If you encounter a dental emergency, you may decide to go to a hospital emergency room (ER) to receive care. While an ER would be a good place to visit, they often don't have dental tools or have full knowledge of certain dental procedures.  Typically, a medical doctor will prescribe pain relief, while a dentist will able to better review your dental situation and correct it based on their dental training. 

Who We Are

At we do everything we can to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience finding emergency dental care. In order to do this we’ve researched local markets extensively and list only the top emergency dentists in each local area.  All of the dental providers that we partner with offer outstanding customer service and can accommodate various emergencies like a cracked tooth, damaged filling or crown, soft tissue injuries, general toothache, and much more.  Our primary goal is to make finding a dental surgeon as easy and hassle free as it can be. We aim to do this in a few ways, such as:

  • Save Time – we have done all the research for you.
  • Minimize Hassles – you work with dentist offices that have a good track record.
  • Save Money – you are offered competitive prices for quality dental care.
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